Dean Muntz Communications specialises in working on underground telecommunications infrastructure including cable hauling and jointing of copper cables, and  cable locating,. Our comprehensive end-to-end services also include drilling, trenching, and vacuum excavation of sites surrounding valuable communication infrastructure.

We can also provide drilling, trenching, and vacuum excavation services for projects involving other types of below ground infrastructure such as pipelines.


Directional Drilling

Directional drilling, is used to install pipelines and conduit in situations where open-cut excavation is not feasible or desirable. Directional drilling can be used for installation under roads, driveways, railway lines and other infrastructure. It can also be used to minimise the impact on environmentally sensitive sites when installing underground pipes or cabling.

During the drilling process, our state-of-the-art F5 Falcon Locator ensures that the drilling underneath the surface is done with absolute precision.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is the perfect solution when you need to dig around sensitive infrastructures such as fibre-optic cables or power cables. Situations may include needing to expose the cables to do repairs without doing further damage or carrying out other work in close proximity without causing unnecessary problems. 

Vacuum excavation uses a high-pressure water nozzle to remove soil with care and accuracy while a vacuum clears the resulting mud into a holding tank. The end result is a clean neat space in which you can easily perform the tasks required. 


Where it is the best, and easiest option, we can carry out traditional trenching to your exact requirements. 

Conduit Runs

Our conduit runs will help protect your cabling. We have installed conduit runs in Bundaberg for a range of projects, both above and below ground for all industries.

Asbestos Removal

We are licensed Class B Asbestos Removal specialists. We are qualified to remove non-friable asbestos products which are commonly found in older Telstra pits.  

Cable Hauling

Dean Muntz Communications has cable-hauling specialists and equipment with the capability to winch cables from large cables to smaller copper and fibre-optic cables. We can haul cabling for any project whether it involves new or existing infrastructure.

Cable Jointing & Locating

We specialise in the location and joining of copper cables. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we can quickly find the exact location of existing underground assets with complete accuracy. No mistakes. If you need copper cabling installed or a section replaced, we can do the job precisely and efficiently. 

Pit & Pipe Construction & Relocation

Our technicians are experts in the pit and pipe construction needs for projects of all sizes. We cater for relocation of inspection pits for a range of redevelopments as well as the installation of new cables and any trenching requirements.

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