Dean Muntz Communications is set up to work on a variety of underground infrastructure projects. 

Telecommunications Infrastructure

As our name suggests, Dean Muntz Communications specialises in providing a range of services for the construction and repair of telecommunications networks consisting of both copper and fibre-optic cable. 

Primarily we are contracted by network owners such as Telstra and NBN Co to provide services including cable locating and joining, cable hauling, conduit runs, directional drilling, trenching, and pit construction and relocation.

 Note: As a general rule, we are not set up to work on domestic jobs such as installing services from the street to the home.

Other Infrastructure

Services such as directional drilling, trenching, and vacuum excavation also have applications in the construction and repair of other infrastructure such as pipelines.

Subject to availability we are also able to provide services to infrastructure owners in industries other than telecommunications.

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm
After hours available by request


0468 916 355